so why zorro spanish?


Your first class is absolutely FREE! No credit card or payment details requires. no sign up. no foxing around. just a free class. you literally have nothing to lose!


We are a boutique agency connecting aspiring students with quality hand selected Spanish teachers. When it comes to learning Spanish, learn in a way that suits you, and enables you to have an effective and personal experience.  You don’t want to be left going over and over the same thing without any success, you want to interact and delve into Spanish discussion within a few lessons, and gain fluency fast. If you want somewhere to go that can offer you complete success when learning Spanish, look no further than Zorro Spanish, here’s three reasons why.


It’s Productive

With the use of video platform Zoom (Similar to skype but better for interactive classes), Zorro Spanish allows you to interact with your tutor in a way that is most effective. Some companies only offer their services through Skype which is limited. With Zoom you not only talk with your tutor, but the ability to screen share helps to put words and phrases discussed onto the page fast. You can also use the chat feature and share links and photos. The tutors have Spanish as their native language; this authenticity enables you to learn well, pronounce the language correctly and clearly, in a way that the native speakers will understand. 


It’s Personal

The lessons are personalised to fit your level. Learn in a way that will help you to soak up the language, through methods that meet your needs, and help you to best progress. The teachers direct the classes to suit you and allow you to best engage the way you want, whatever the subject. Whether you want to have discussions about real life issues or learn the grammar of the language, you learn at your own capacity. 


It’s Practical

Working your way through apps like Duolingo, or websites like Babbel, can often be tedious and leave you frustrated, rather that fluent in your desired language. Zorro Spanish is practical; you just book your lesson, set up your Zoom account and show up to the lesson on time. As easy as one, two, three. The teachers prepare everything else. You’ll even receive an email an hour before the lesson to remind you of when the lesson starts. You will receive a link and when it’s time for your class, click the link and your teacher will be there waiting for you. Yes, it's that easy!

Don’t tire yourself out trying to learn Spanish in a way that’s more suited to a robot than an individual. Spanish interaction comes with ease with Zorro Spanish. 


  •  A great structured Spanish class catering for all types of students with different learning capabilities.
  • Totally customised to the student. Your teachers are professionals and can adapt to any type of student.
  • You can choose topics and what you want to learn with your teacher or you can let them teach you from the course manual.
  • Once you sign up for your first class you will receive your password to access the course manual in the "student login" page.


how ZOrro SPANISH works...

  • Simply scroll through the calendar and find a teacher of your choice. Or alternatively you can choose 'any available' and you can choose a time/date that suits you and you will be provided a teacher that is available for your chosen time. 
  • You will then receive an email confirmation with the time and date of your scheduled class and also a link to the video call. You will also receive a link to download the desktop version of the video platform of Zoom
  • When it's time for your class, press the link and your teacher will be waiting for you. You will be connected automatically with them. Please note that if you press the link too early (for instance 5 minutes before the class) your teacher most likely won't be there. But they will be there the actual time of the class.