Face to Face vs Online – Which form of Spanish Lessons Will Suit You?

So you want to master Spanish and you don’t know where to begin? Learning a language has never been an easy task. It’s something that takes determination and perseverance. When learning a language you want to ensure that you learn as efficiently as possible. You don’t want to drag out the process even more than it is. Figuring out what works best for you will save you a lot of time. Two ways to learn are either face to face or online, let’s consider the two.


Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language. There are Spanish speaking countries that are jotted all over this globe. Learning to speak Spanish can open so many opportunities, from bigger job prospects to being able to socialise with an array of exciting and welcoming natives. So where do you start when it comes to learning the language?


Immersed in Conversation

You want to get as close to cultural immersion as possible. The best way that this can be accomplished is by learning the language face to face with a Spanish teacher. This is ultimately the most effective way to learn the language: being talked to by a native who can encourage you in the correct ways of pronunciation, and speak frequently with you in the language, will help immensely. Through conversation you’ll become more acquainted with those sounds and sentencing structure they use, and it will ensure you learn the language to the highest standard.  Consider learning with Zorro Spanish who provides a range of native Spanish teachers so that you can learn the language well.


Writing it Well Too

One thing that is beneficial about learning online is that it will strengthen your writing in Spanish and that’s something that you want to ensure you sharpen up on also. Bear in mind when working in a Spanish country it’s not only the verbal communication that you need to excel in but you need to make sure your grammar is high quality too.


More Than Just Textbook

There are apps and many books that can be accessed to learn Spanish but it can make the task tedious and almost impossible. The tools are very impersonal and therefore this impersonal way of learning can make things all the more difficult. Apps and books can be good, even watching some Spanish movies could help, but there’s nothing like having a Spanish tutor who can train and talk to you frequently in the language.


Face to Face and Online Mixed

With a face to face tutor they’ll offer you examples of how certain Spanish words are written and can encourage you to do things in your spare time to help you to learn quicker. Face to face and online meet with an online teacher. Searching for a local teacher to learn can be an exhausting process. You can find a suitable teacher online in no time that will provide you with excellent standard of teaching in the comfort of your own home.

Spanish at work - 3 reasons why learning Spanish can boost your career

Whether you’ve finished studying and you’re now applying for a graduate position, or you’ve decided to change careers and move on to something new, what can’t be underestimated in today’s job markets is the competitiveness of newly advertised jobs. You will need every advantage you can get to sit amongst the top candidates for most positions. Here are 3 reasons why learning Spanish can boost your career prospects.


1. It’s a skill


This really needs no explanation. Like being proficient in Microsoft Office applications or knowing how to manage a team of employees, being fluent in a second language is a highly advantageous skill to be able to put on a job application. Spanish is especially beneficial as it’s the most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese, and the language with the most countries as the primary spoken language.  With the incremental increase in foreign business relations and international business operations, the ability to speak Spanish could give you the boost you need to be more competitive.


2. You’re more useful


Continuing from point one, speaking Spanish is a skill that although may not be required for you to do your job, could make you a lot more useful at times while working, and for some roles - almost essential. As mentioned earlier, over the last decade there has been an incremental increase foreign business relations and international business operations, as well as a much larger online presence for businesses and also government and educational institutions. In many instances this requires additional tasks such as speaking with international clients, translation, writing, proof reading foreign language legal documents or if you’re a doctor, speaking with non English speaking patients.


3. More opportunities


According to the the National Center for Education Statistics [USA] and Universities UK, the number of graduates over the last 5 years has soared, while the number of graduate jobs available have not. The cause and effect of this is a substantial surge in job applications for any given graduate role, meaning that for some jobs there have been as many as 1,000 applicants! A big advantage to speaking a widely spoken second language such as Spanish is that you actually increase the amount of roles you have available to you. Firstly, you have have more types of jobs that you can consider. For example:


In addition to new careers, you would also have further opportunities to work abroad in roles where you’re required to speak a foreign language. These positions also tend to be a lot less competitive.

9 Exotic And Healthy Fruits From Colombia

Being the second largest exporter of flowers after the Netherlands, and also declared as having the best coffee in the world, it’s hard to understand why this aspect of Colombia is often overlooked. Colombia has a plethora of exotic and healthy fruits, that if you’re visiting from the States or Europe, you may never have seen or even heard of.

The array of exotic and healthy fruits in Colombia can be seen and smelt everywhere you go. Whether you’re in the supermarket, local market or walking by street vendors, these fruits are as common in Colombia as apples and oranges are in other parts of the west. The rainbow of colours and smells will be hard to miss.

Here is a video of Zorro Spanish teacher and Colombian native, Laura Reyes showcasing some of the exotic fruits that are found in Colombia, and also the many different health benefits that these fruits provide.

So why Zorro Spanish?

When it comes to learning Spanish, learn in a way that suits you, and enables you to have an effective and personal experience.  You don’t want to be left going over and over the same thing without any success, you want to interact and delve into Spanish discussion within a few lessons, and gain fluency fast. If you want somewhere to go that can offer you complete success when learning Spanish, look no further than Zorro Spanish, here’s three reasons why.


It’s Productive

With the use of video platform Zoom (Similar to skype but better for interactive classes), Zorro Spanish allows you to interact with your tutor in a way that is most effective. Some companies only offer their services through Skype which is limited. With Zoom you not only talk with your tutor, but the ability to screen share helps to put words and phrases discussed onto the page fast. You can also use the chat feature and share links and photos. The tutors have Spanish as their native language; this authenticity enables you to learn well. Pronounce the language correctly and clearly, in a way that the native speakers will understand. 


It’s Personal

The lessons are personalised to fit your level. Learn in a way that will help you to soak up the language, through methods that meet your needs, and help you to best progress. The teachers direct the classes to suit you and allow you to best engage the way you want, whatever the subject. Whether you want to have discussions about real life issues or learn the grammar of the language, you learn at your own capacity. 


It’s Practical

Working your way through apps like Duolingo, or websites like Babbel, can often be tedious and leave you frustrated, rather that fluent in your desired language. Zorro Spanish is practical; you just book your lesson, set up your Zoom account and show up to the lesson on time. As easy as one, two, three. The teachers prepare everything else. You’ll even receive an email an hour before the lesson to remind you of when the lesson starts. You will receive a link and when it’s time for your class, click the link and your teacher will be there waiting for you. Yes, it's that easy!

Don’t tire yourself out trying to learn Spanish in a way that’s more suited to a robot than an individual. Spanish interaction comes with ease with Zorro Spanish. 


  •  A great structured Spanish class catering for all types of students with different learning capabilities.
  • Totally customised to the student. Your teachers are professionals and can adapt to any type of student.
  • You can choose topics and what you want to learn with your teacher or you can let them teach you from the course manual.
  • Once you sign up for your first class you will receive your password to access the course manual in the "student login" page.


how ZOrro SPANISH works...

  • Simply scroll through the calendar and find a teacher of your choice. Or alternatively you can choose 'any available' and you can choose a time/date that suits you and you will be provided a teacher that is available for your chosen time. 
  • You will then receive an email confirmation with the time and date of your scheduled class and also a link to the video call. You will also receive a link to download the desktop version of the video platform of Zoom
  • When it's time for your class, press the link and your teacher will be waiting for you. You will be connected automatically with them. Please note that if you press the link too early (for instance 5 minutes before the class) your teacher most likely won't be there. But they will be there the actual time of the class.

How to describe yourself in Spanish!

Along with introducing yourself as mentioned in the article 3 ways to introduce yourself in Spanish, another one of the first things you will learn when you begin learning Spanish is how to describe yourself. Your name, where you’re from, family, personal features, job etc. There are many situations in life such as when you meet someone for the first time, at a medical appointment or job interview where you could or would need to provide information that describes things about you. In this video Zorro Spanish teacher Laura Reyes explains some ways you can describe your to another person in Spanish.

5 ways to say ‘goodbye’ in Spanish

As Boyz II Men said It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye, but as you know, it’s a part of our daily lives. Whether you speak English, French, Arabic or Chinese, you’ll know that there are many ways you can say goodbye to someone. It’s the same for Spanish. Although some may find confusing the use of object pronouns for example, here is a video of Zorro Spanish teacher Laura Reyes explaining 5 ways you can say goodbye in Spanish.

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish

1. It’s great for travel

Travelling today can be as much daunting as is can be enriching when travelling to countries where you can’t speak the language. Sure, you’re always able to get by travelling from Barcelona to Madrid or asking for a meat free empanada in Colombia, especially in this day and age where many countries and cities with expanding tourism realize the importance of having employees that can speak English. However, having some knowledge of the local language can go a long way in ensuring you have a much more enjoyable and pleasant experience while abroad, from taking public transport to dining out and saving money. With Spanish being the official native language in 20 countries from Europe to the Caribbean and throughout the Americas, you will have abundance of destinations to explore while utilising your skills.


2. Improves your job prospects

Being bilingual can open up the door for a plethora of new job opportunities both at home and abroad. At home you have many career options such as an interpreter, translator, Spanish customer service or even a Spanish speaking health & safety instructor and so on. Abroad you can easily become an English teacher after completing a short course while at home by obtaining an approved certification such as TEFL. As well as job opportunities at home or aboard, Spanish would also give you the opportunity while travelling. 


3. Keeps your brain healthy and active

With an abundance of reasons to learn a new language from travel to work to even watching a foreign movie without subtitles, one benefit that can’t be understated is the fact that learning a second language has been scientifically proven to be good for your brain. There are a number of studies that have shown that learning a language can significantly improve your memory, especially as we grow older. In addition to improving your memory, learning a second language can also avoid mental decline. You are compelled to stay mentally active when listening to a second language and speaking it due to the fact your brain will need to work just a little bit harder to antithesize two or more languages. When choosing a second language to start learning there are a number of reasons why Spanish should be at the top of your list if you want to keep your brain active:


Second most spoken language

With 480 million people, Spanish is officially the second most spoken language in the world.

Spoken in 20 countries

As mentioned above in the travel section, Spanish is the official native language in 20 countries. 

Closely related to English

In Spanish you have one of the closest related languages to English. An almost identical alphabet, you also have many of the same and or similar words, as well as similar grammatical structures such as syntax, pluralization and contractions.