Spanish at work - 3 reasons why learning Spanish can boost your career

Whether you’ve finished studying and you’re now applying for a graduate position, or you’ve decided to change careers and move on to something new, what can’t be underestimated in today’s job markets is the competitiveness of newly advertised jobs. You will need every advantage you can get to sit amongst the top candidates for most positions. Here are 3 reasons why learning Spanish can boost your career prospects.


1. It’s a skill


This really needs no explanation. Like being proficient in Microsoft Office applications or knowing how to manage a team of employees, being fluent in a second language is a highly advantageous skill to be able to put on a job application. Spanish is especially beneficial as it’s the most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese, and the language with the most countries as the primary spoken language.  With the incremental increase in foreign business relations and international business operations, the ability to speak Spanish could give you the boost you need to be more competitive.


2. You’re more useful


Continuing from point one, speaking Spanish is a skill that although may not be required for you to do your job, could make you a lot more useful at times while working, and for some roles - almost essential. As mentioned earlier, over the last decade there has been an incremental increase foreign business relations and international business operations, as well as a much larger online presence for businesses and also government and educational institutions. In many instances this requires additional tasks such as speaking with international clients, translation, writing, proof reading foreign language legal documents or if you’re a doctor, speaking with non English speaking patients.


3. More opportunities


According to the the National Center for Education Statistics [USA] and Universities UK, the number of graduates over the last 5 years has soared, while the number of graduate jobs available have not. The cause and effect of this is a substantial surge in job applications for any given graduate role, meaning that for some jobs there have been as many as 1,000 applicants! A big advantage to speaking a widely spoken second language such as Spanish is that you actually increase the amount of roles you have available to you. Firstly, you have have more types of jobs that you can consider. For example:


In addition to new careers, you would also have further opportunities to work abroad in roles where you’re required to speak a foreign language. These positions also tend to be a lot less competitive.